Colorful Candy Cluster : Match 3

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Colorful Candy Cluster is a game like Candy Crush.
In this game, you are given very easy tasks that you have to complete, and you will get points for it.
There is no age limit for this game, everyone can enjoy it. Many different types of candies are given, To blast the candy away and win delicious rewards, match three or more of the same color.
Play addictively by swapping and matching candies to finish levels and make explosive combos.
Discover a wide range of delectable environments, each with special difficulties.
Enter a world of vibrant candy that is eye-catching with amazing animations and graphics.
You can play it online without downloading it. So you must enjoy the Colorful Candy Cluster game.

In Colorful Candy Cluster, you can also convert your points into magic candy.
For this, when your level is complete, the winning pop-up opens. In that case, you have to go to the cart and press the + button above the magic candy, and this way you can increase the number of magic candy.
Rest assured, you know the whole game very well. so enjoy it


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