Zombie Defense

Played 1300 times.

78% (33/42)
Game Controls (Desktop):
-With your keyboard, press the W, A, S, and D keys to move.
-With your mouse, left click to shoot.

(Touchscreen devices):
-Tap on the touchscreen controls with your fingers to shoot and move.
-Use the arrow buttons to move.
-Use the rotate buttons to change where you are facing.
-Use the shoot button to fire at the zombies.

Controls and indicators:

The game’s controls and indicators are located on the top row. From left to right:
-House hit points
-Player title
-Number of kills
-Weapon present at home.

The touchscreen controls of the game appear on the bottom row. From left to right:
-Movement buttons.
-Rotate button counterclockwise
-Shoot button
-Rotate button clockwise

Game Play :
-Shoot down any of the zombies that approach your house.
-Make sure that the zombies touch neither you or your house.
-The game ends when the zombies touch you or they tear down the defenses of your house.


Time-Killing Shooting Pixel