Fun Dice With Carry Minati

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This is a very funny dice game. It is just like Snakes and Ladders.
In this game, you have to save Carry Minati from covid-19 and move up with the support of the ladder.
You are also going to enjoy the funny voice of the renowned Indian YouTuber, Carry Minati.
This is a very fun dice game, so start playing it now and relieve your stress.

The game play of this game is very easy. In this game, you have to Carry Minati to the target, but for this, you have to keep rolling the dice. You have to keep in mind that if someone gets infected with Covid-19, he will be quarantined, which means he will have to come back, and if he reaches the ladder, he will be moved up. In this way, you have to get the carriage to reach your goal.


Casual Puzzle Time-Killing